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Bundlr makes web3 data storage accessible by making it as fast, easy, and reliable as traditional data storage. Our goal is to allow everyone both in and out of web3 to benefit from decentralized, permanent data storage. We are currently responsible for over 90% of Arweave's uploaded data.
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Koi is building a decentralized publishing protocol and web 3.0 library. The protocol and tools Koi is implementing will allow for a robust ecosystem. The Koi ecosystem will provide grants for developers to take advantage of Koi tools that allow verified data and content, and new models for content monetization.
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RedStone creates data-oriented products for the Arweave ecosystem, Web3 developers, DeFi projects 👩‍💻 See our team here -> 1. Smart Contract SDK on Arweave layer 1, optimised for data processing, enabling new use cases such as interactive NFTs, data-focused solutions and machine learning on the blockchain -> 2. EVM compatible Oracle with custom data feeds, update frequency below 1 second, TWAPs. We offer over 1000 pricing data feeds on blockchains including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Celo, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Stacks. RedStone is the interoperable data provider to go for innovation in Web3 & DeFi ->
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Kontext v1 is a Crypto Twitter news aggregator that simplifies the essential of CT into a simple hackernews-like UI of the top daily news. In the future, we aim to open up input, for our users to import their own following and create topic lists like #DeFi #NFTs or #Tesla.
Partnerships for Web3. Usher enables Web3 Brands with Partner Programs that allow influencers, promoters, or a Brand's community members to earn crypto for supporting the Brand.
A protocol for sensitive data trading and processing
The Art By City Protocol is a cross-blockchain Web3 art and creative content protocol built primarily on Arweave. By publishing art and creative content to the Arweave blockchain through the Art By City Protocol, it is ensured that this content is stored permanently, immutably, and decentrally distributed. Art and creative content published through the Art By City protocol are inseparable from the artist’s on-chain identity, regardless of their blockchain or platform of choice. Licensing and royalty intentions are published alongside art and creative content, ensuring that artists, creators, and their work are protected legally and that they receive proper royalties as their content is monetized. When artists and creators publish with the Art By City Protocol, they benefit from an engagement-based monetization base layer in addition to other Web3 options such as NFTs. When their art or content is viewed, accessed, streamed, curated, remixed or composed into new works, the original creator is rewarded with Art By City Tokens which allow them to participate in protocol governance and profit sharing through the Art By City DAO. By publishing their art and creative content with the Art By City Protocol, artists and creators directly own their artwork and creative content data that is stored permanently and immutably on the Arweave blockchain. They earn Art By City Tokens and profit share of protocol fees based on the engagement of their creative work, in addition to their other monetization plans for Web3. Licensing and royalty information is inseparable from their creative work. By partnering with and implementing the Art By City Protocol, Web3 projects and platforms can benefit from cross-chain utility, sticking with their primary chain while taking advantage of permanent storage on Arweave seamlessly, ensuring user generated content is tied to their identity and benefits from a base reward layer of monetization while also being able to tap into verified and curated Web3 content streams.
RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. We tokenize art, music, wearables, consumables, and more.
Kwil is the first decentralized, community owned SQL database solution for building advanced dApps and protocols.
Earn Big on Social Web 3. Every social action on Fora pays users. Stop giving away your content.
At Dojima Network we are trying to organize the unorganized WEB3.0 , by bringing together all the ecosystems together in a trustless manner unltimately providing seamless experience to users.
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